Share and Share Alike by Hannah Hooton

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Share and Share Alike by Hannah HootonShare and Share Alike by Hannah Hooton
Also in this series: Keeping the Peace, Giving Chase (Aspen Valley, #2), Chasing the Wind
Series: Aspen Valley #3
Published by Aspen Valley Books on August 2nd 2014
Genres: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 314
Format: Kindle
Source: Author

Finalist in the Washington Writers Marlene Contest 2014. Tessa thought buying a share in the dysfunctional Ta' Qali Racehorse Syndicate would be the perfect distraction from a life best forgotten. Some are willing to distract her with words of woo, while others are able to distract her with just a nonchalant look. But neither Hugh's flirtations nor Sin's disregard are diversion enough when their horse, Ta' Qali, is found deliberately injured. Someone close is responsible and Tessa finds herself questioning the innocence of everyone around her. With his nobbler still at large, the race is on to get Ta' Qali fit and on course in time to prove himself the champion Tessa's always believed him to be. But he isn't the only one up against the clock. Love is threatening to leave without her; and win, lose or draw, Tessa's in for the ride of her life...

My take on this book:              Wow this book was so good. It had me by the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. I am giving this book five stars because it is so good. Tessa Hawkesbury-Loye is the only daughter of Lord Hawkesbury-Loye and the only kid he dislikes currently. Tessa has always been a free spirit and one that doesn’t like the way that her mother used to treat everyone else in a snobby way. Tessa has traveled to a whole lot of different places and from one of those places she found out that she had a talent with making jewelry and started her jewelry business. While she was on those trips though she didn’t do so well in the dating department and doesn’t really know what to do about it anymore.

She meets F.D. Sinclair at the Aspen Valley Racing Stables showing of the horses and he is just so mysterious for her. Tessa makes a lot of assumptions of Sin (as he likes to be called Sin instead of F.D.) throughout the book. She also listens to rumors about things Sin did. Tessa having formed a opinion of him, wouldn’t hang out with Sin all that much. All the while this is happening the whole Ta’ Qali Racehorse Syndicate is being followed by TV cameras for their reality TV show but that is only on things that are revolving around their horse Ta’ Qali.

While all of that is happening someone nobbled their horse so that Ta’ Qali couldn’t race anymore and of course that brought a whole investigation that centers around the whole Syndicate as suspects in their own horse’s nobbling. Even though a whole bunch of them fell of the suspects list. This whole thing with Ta’ Qali was the biggest mystery in the whole book and I thought I knew who it was. I was so totally wrong about my assumption. However. I was kept guessing right along with Tessa and everyone else. They did catch the guy thankfully to Tessa’s smart idea of entering him into another race. Everyone in this book gets a happy ending as well including Ta’ Qali.

Overall I would recommend reading Share and Share Alike by Hannah Hooton to everyone (at least adults to read it, it is a little much for the young adults).

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About Hannah Hooton

Hannah Hooton

Hannah Hooton is a multiple award-winning author and screenwriter based in UK.

After splitting with her literary agent to venture into indie-publishing, Hannah burst onto the contemporary romance scene in January 2012 with the release of her debut novel, At Long Odds. This was followed by the Amazon bestselling Aspen Valley series, which charts the lives, loves and dramas of a jump racing yard.

The inspiration for her novels came while combining her wanderlust with her love of horseracing when travelling around Australia and working from one racing stable to the next as a strapper (not to be confused with stripper) and the exuberant imagination of a girl with an empty purse and a passion for a very expensive sport.

Giving Chase was the winner of Best International Romance at the Some Kind of Wonderful Awards in 2012, one place better than Keeping the Peace finished the year before.
Share and Share Alike won the ARU Katy Price Prize 2014 and finished runner-up in the RWA Marlene Contest 2014.

Recently graduating from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge with First Class Honours, Hannah was also awarded the McCleod Prize for finishing top of her year.

Hannah balanced her time at university writing her novels and improving her craft, but also learning the art of screenwriting. To date, Hannah has completed three screenplays (one of which sparked her abrupt change in career to return to university as a mature student just so she could learn how to write it properly), all of which received critical praise and first class marks. The feature-length script, Incarnate, is a science fiction WW2 drama with romantic elements, a world – quite literally – away from Hannah’s comfort zone of horse racing romances.

Share and Share Alike