My Thoughts:   Does it matter if he is a vampire if he has a good heart? I absolutely loved this book. I had the hardest time putting it down. I think I may have even growled at my family when they interrupted me. I was so worried about Emmy and […]

A Bargain in Silver

My Thoughts:         Curiosity may not kill the cat but… First I must say that even though this is the first part of the Sekhmet Series, it is a spin off from the world of Liz Schulte. I like that Ms. Schulte doesn’t rehash the previous books and disrupt the story […]


My Thoughts: Holy Black Panthers! We heard of Roxy St. James as she went to school with Delaney Ellingham. Roxy is a romance writer of the paranormal nature. She is hoping for a fresh start in Nocturne Falls, leaving behind all of the bad (her ex), only bringing the good […]

The Shifter Romances the Writer

My Thoughts:               Sweets and sweetness! Delaney and Hugh Ellingham are from the first Nocturne Falls book The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride. I loved their story. This chance to take a look into where their romance and relationship is at and is going is wonderful. We see them the other books, […]

The Vampire’s Valentine Surprise

My take on this book:              A Change Of Heart by Mark Benjamin is a different take on vampires living among us. It kind of reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film meets the Underworld movies (just without the werewolves). Mr. Benjamin’s writing for this book is totally different from […]

A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin

My Thoughts:         Love heals all wounds, even century old ones! Sebastian Ellingham is the oldest of the three Ellingham Vampire Brothers. He is the recluse, stuffy, uptight and very lonely one. Some may even say he was untouchable, but then most don’t know him as he truly won’t allow anyone […]

Vampire’s Fake Fiancée

My Thoughts:        Howling Hot Holiday! I was so relieved. Bridget and Sam flirted with each other in the Werewolf Meets his Match, but circumstances caused them to drop the romance before it could begin. They clearly like each other. Bridget just couldn’t figure it out what Sam’s problem was. Sam […]

Werewolf’s Christmas Wish

My Thoughts:                 Magic Mishaps with Miracle Mends… What a wonderful story. I have truly liked Corette and Stanhill in the earlier books. It was sweet to get to know each a little better and to see them at the ball. Corette’s three grown daughters create a spell for a customer […]

Witch’s Halloween Hero

My Thoughts: DIY & Supernatural! Awesome… Pandora is such a fabulous heroine. She is confident, beautiful, successful, and not perfect. All of that make her a superb leading lady. Pandora is remarkably kind with Kaley and we really get to see her soft side in this story. I enjoyed her […]

The Professor Woos the Witch

My Thoughts: Fae and Gargoyles. What an astounding adventure, adored it! Nocturne Falls continues to amaze me. I love the neighborly citizens, and the underground tunnels, so awesome. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, they protect their own. Willa has some serious magic skills, most of which she […]

Gargoyle Gets His Girl