Shadowhunters 2.2

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Format: T.V. Series


Season 2 Episode 2

A Door Into the Dark (January 9, 2017)

Plot Summary

Alec and Isabelle act quickly to find Jace after the Clave issues a “shoot to kill” order; Simon turns to Magnus for help when he finds himself at odds with both Raphael and Aldertree; Clary struggles to figure out where she belongs.

My thoughts on this episode:               Once again we have some more season one recaps before we start off after what happened with the first episode of season two. Alec tells Clary off since a lot of trouble has happened for him, Isabelle, Jace, and his parents and brother Max.

Another episode of a lot of things happening for the characters. The other shadowhunters don’t trust her since she is Valentine’s daughter and won’t let her help with anything that has to deal with Jace and she doesn’t think she belongs in either of the two worlds anymore.

Jocelyn is putting finding Jace and killing him on hold so she can get Clary back. Even though Clary doesn’t want anything to do with her mom at all. She also helps Isabelle and Alec even if Isabelle doesn’t like what Alec has to do.

Jace is still struggling to figure out who he is and how that will affect him in the long run and he doesn’t fully believe Valentine until Valentine brought Clary via Dot.

Simon has been put into a tough spot by both Aldertree and Raphael and he doesn’t know what to do about it. He and Magnus come to a agreement of sorts about Simon’s status of being a vampire.

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Shadowhunters 2.2

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