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My take on this book:              Going Back by Jennifer Young is such a great book. I know it’s the second book in a series and even without reading the first book you get with what happened from the last book immediately. This book was very interesting especially after you […]

Going Back by Jennifer Young

My Thoughts:         Curiosity may not kill the cat but… First I must say that even though this is the first part of the Sekhmet Series, it is a spin off from the world of Liz Schulte. I like that Ms. Schulte doesn’t rehash the previous books and disrupt the story […]


My take in this book:              Chasing the Wind by Hannah Hooton is such a wonderful book that I have been dying to read since I started this book series. These book is about the horse racing but also about two couples, Jack/Pippa and Lucy/Finn, that are trying to find their […]

Chasing the Wind by Hannah Hooton

My take on this book:              Making the Running by Hannah Hooton is another great book of horse racing, from the Aspen Valley Series, by this wonderful author. This one focuses on Kate, a stable lass at Aspen Valley, and her, recently, complicated love life with two half-brothers, Nicholas and […]

Making the Running by Hannah Hooton

My take on this book:              A Change Of Heart by Mark Benjamin is a different take on vampires living among us. It kind of reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film meets the Underworld movies (just without the werewolves). Mr. Benjamin’s writing for this book is totally different from […]

A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin

My take on this book: Wow this is the first book I read of the Jack Nightingale series and I must say that I was impressed by how well written New York Night by Stephen Leather. Once I got my hands on the eBook I was instantly hooked on it. […]

New York Night by Stephen Leather

My take on this book: This book has a great storyline that I think Ana Franco did amazing at. I bet in her native language it would have been awesome. The translations need to be worked on as some of the sentences when read aloud sounded funny. Before you read […]

Down the Wormhole by Ana Franco

My Thoughts: 2nd Book in series – oh, ya! This book is magnificent. I like the back stories on the characters and the tie ins. We get to know some new characters and some surprising changes in some characters we thought we knew. Wow, becoming an immortal fairy is not […]

GP Vampires, Warlocks and Exes

My take on this book: The Mine by John A. Heldt will give anyone a whirlwind of emotions from the time Joel Smith steps into 1941 to the time he returns to his year of 2000; as Joel tries to go back to living a life without the love that […]

The Mine by John A. Heldt

My Thoughts:        Hot, sexy and marvelously written. First I have to say that this book kept coming up on my Amazon recommended list, and even though I liked the cover (yes, I am one of those people, who first judge a book by the cover), I wasn’t sure if I […]

GP Pixie Dust by Laura Lee