My take on this book: Wow! Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich is a great, no excellent book. Stephanie Plum is still going after her FTA’s but Ranger needs her help with a security job that doesn’t really go as planned. Then again it could just be that nothing seems to […]

Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich

My take on this book:              Wow! Madam Tulip by David Adhern is such a great read. From the moment I started reading the plot summary of this book in an email sent to me by the author I was hooked. This book was most definitely an awesome read for […]

Madam Tulip by David Adhern

My Thoughts:          Scintillating new series. Cookie James is fabulous. She seems to have it all together with her new life, B&B and good looks. Yet, she worries about her looks, which guy to date, her Mother and the corpse of an unknown man and you have this wonderful story. Hunter […]

New Corpse in Town by Lucy Quinn

My take on this book:              Gone With the Witch by Heather Blake was such an awesome book. It had me thinking of who the Elder could be, who murdered Natasha, who was stealing the animals from the contest, and a bunch of other questions. This book starts off with Darcy […]

Gone With the Witch by Heather Blake

My take on this book:              Spies and Spells by Tonya Kappes is another great book and series. All the characters are funny, great, and at times very nutty. The characters are all of those things plus more. Maggie is the main character of the book and trying to figure out […]

Spies and Spells by Tonya Kappes

My Thoughts: Murder and mayhem with a southern twist in Sin City! Super Cute! Rose Pressey has another awesome series. I love Cece and her quirkiness. The accent, her “hobbies,” the coven, living at the retirement home, the whole package is fabulous. And Derek, he is so adorable, in a […]

What the Hex? gp

My Thoughts:   I really enjoyed this book. Sheila Connolly can truly spin a tale. 5 Butterflies for this one. Maura Donovan lives in Boston where her whole world has been turned upside down by the passing of her much loved Gran. Gran’s last wish was for Maura to go to […]

Buried in a Bog GP

My Thoughts:        A startling short story. 4 Butterflies This short story kept me entertained from the beginning paragraph. What a way to suck you in, especially since my favorite color is blue. The characters are believable and a little eccentric. The death is tragic but the conclusion is not what […]

An Open Book GP

My Thoughts:                     So happy for this couple! This one gets 5 butterflies. I truly like Meg’s character. She stands up for what she believes even if that means she has to take the hard road. She is completely a down to earth woman. She reminds me of my old friend […]

A Gala Event GP

My Thoughts:         Wonderfully written! 5 chocolate butterflies for this one… I love the whole noir film convention. I have never even heard of anything like that but how fun would that be? Completely, dressing in costumes from the 40s, the fedoras, the hair styles, the drinks, the accents, very cool. […]

Chocolate Falcon Fraud GP