The Fault in Our Stars Movie

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Fault_in_our_starsThe Fault in Our Stars Movie

Okay? Okay. So let’s start off by talking about how cute that movie poster is? It’s adorable right? Of course it’s adorable what am I, Karen, talking about here. Anyways. I have been putting off reading the book and watching the movie for quite a while. Mostly that reason was because I was reading HoN books. So I couldn’t exactly get to this one even though I had this one for a little bit longer than the last two books of HoN but oh well.

Anyways #TFIOS that was such a great movie!!!! Before I watched the movie though I had to get myself all nice and settled in. By doing that I got myself a box of tissues and my blanket so I could cuddle in with it. The movie was really good. It made me laugh at all the right parts, it made me smile, and sadly I must say it….it even made me cry a lot of times. The Fault in Our Stars is the most awesome movie ever. Even if it’s about two cancer patients that met at a Support Group for other Cancer Kids around their ages. They met, they become friends, and slowly they start to fall in love. Well mostly Gus at first because he likes to admit it but Hazel never did admit it until they get to Amsterdam.

I guess the main reason is because Hazel just never really wanted to hurt Augustus, Gus, like other Cancer Kids do eventually. And when I say eventually I mean that as the most heartwarming kindness that I can because any story that has cancer in it someone will die. You just know it. I did when I read the back of the book but then again I also knew it because someone at my high school told me that back when I was in high school about four years ago now. But anyways Augustus and Hazel has, or have if you want to be cruel to your own heart, the most amazing love story that any young teenage person can have with cancer in their lives.

These two are just two wonderful people that shouldn’t have had cancer in their lives at all and should be able to live a happily ever after like most people their own ages. Including Isaac. He shouldn’t have had to have his eyes removed and be blind for the rest of his life. I cried my hardest at every single part whenever someone else cried because I felt like I was apart of their lives even if as Peter Van Houten would say that they are literary characters and that we shouldn’t matter with what happened to them. I say that he is full of bullshit because with the characters in this book and the characters that we hear of from An Imperial Affliction that they all matter, and that what happened to the person that died, loved ones they also matter in what happens afterward for them.

I mean I care for Hazel, Isaac, and everyone in #TIFOS in both the books and the movies since anyone that has been hurt by Death taking one of their loved ones will know that they will live on forever in that person’s heart. Trust me I lost my great aunt and my grandfather, one when it was her time and the other from cancer, I just like to think that my heart has room for Gus and Hazel and everyone else in The Fault in Our Stars family because Cancer is just a thing that is made up of you that will eventually kill you and there is no way out of it since Pain is inevitable.

I hope that you also like this movie as much as I did and that you will walk the rest of the day and the rest of your life knowing that you bared witness to the most wonderful love story ever of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster. Who shall ever be in my heart. Okay? Okay.

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