science fiction

My take on this book:              First off I am so terribly sorry for this very late review on this book. I am very glad once again for Mr. Heldt for asking me to read and review this book. This book has three different third person point of view chapters scattered […]

Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt

My take on this book: Disclosure: The Future Is Now by Dr. Graham Clingbine is a very interesting read. The author does know what he is talking about in the book for the scientific aspects of the book and for the child stuff as well. His theories were sound but […]

Disclosure: The Future Is Now

My take on this book:   Fantasy and Science Fiction collide is outstanding tale of a young girl’s bravery. A must read. When I first heard about this book I loved the idea of it. I was extremely intrigued based on the plot summary. After I got the book and started […]

Mordant by R.M. Dorn

My take on this book: The Mine by John A. Heldt will give anyone a whirlwind of emotions from the time Joel Smith steps into 1941 to the time he returns to his year of 2000; as Joel tries to go back to living a life without the love that […]

The Mine by John A. Heldt

My take on this book: Oh my god this book was so good. Everything about it was excellent. Granted I still think that Thomas could have been a helped his friends and understood what was happening after he got his memories back. This would have helped him even more with […]

The Death Cure by James Dashner

My take on this book: Another awesome and wow book ever from Mr. James Dashner. Just wow. That’s all I could think of throughout this book. In this one we definitely see character development along with a sense of the urgency and how much effort it must have took for […]

The Scorch Trails by James Dashner

My take on this book: Wow. This book has been a mixture of emotions throughout the whole thing. Or at least that’s the way I felt while reading every single last bit of it. James Dashner had me hooked throughout the whole ordeal of the book and it was just […]

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

My take on this book: Okay so I have never read this series before but I decided to read the prequel and the other books after I was done watching the first movie. And holy fudge this story is really good. I loved how we are able to see what […]

The Kill Order by James Dashner

My take on this book: CAUTION! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK YET. CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK! THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! Heather Sunseri is an author that I am starting to like very much. She is a good author and this book is a lot better than […]

Mindsiege by Heather Sunseri