My take on this book:              First off I am so terribly sorry for this very late review on this book. I am very glad once again for Mr. Heldt for asking me to read and review this book. This book has three different third person point of view chapters scattered […]

Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt

My take on this book: Wow. My first gothic mystery book and I loved it!! I am giving this book a five butterflies as it kept me wanting to know more and more about Maria and the family that she is being an au pair for. Let’s just say that […]

Those We Fear by Victoria Griffith

My take on this book: Wow. Midnight Burning was just wow. It was so wonderfully written and each time I had to leave that world to do my chores, tend to my cat, or even just to do normal things I was wishing I was back in the book learning […]

Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel

My take on this book: Oh my god I loved this book so much. Katie Doyle has a way of creating a story that captivates her readers within the first sentence of a chapter. It makes them regret putting it down to do mundane things like chores or to make […]

Ash and Snow by Katie Doyle

My take on this book: This book was definitely different than the other books I have read and reviewed for this wonderful blog site of mine. To me different can be a good thing. Sir Ramesh Jeewoolall has a very interesting story here that is based in his home country […]

The Passing Away of a Gentleman

My take on this book: Ash and the Prince is Katie’s first book and it was very excellent. It had me on my seats edge throughout the entire book. I would have gotten it finished earlier if it hadn’t been for a few things that needed to be taken care […]

Ash and the Prince by Katie Doyle

My take on this story: Wow all I have to say is that this book is awesome and a great read. I have to admit Hilary Duff is a pretty good writer. I felt like I was actually a part of Clea’s life throughout this whole book. The story that […]

Elixir by Hilary Duff

My take on this book: Wow. This book has been a mixture of emotions throughout the whole thing. Or at least that’s the way I felt while reading every single last bit of it. James Dashner had me hooked throughout the whole ordeal of the book and it was just […]

The Maze Runner by James Dashner