Sinjin by HP Mallory

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Sinjin by HP MallorySinjin by H.P. Mallory
Also in this series: The Scent
Series: Bryn and Sinjin #1
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on November 3rd 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 254
Format: Kindle

Abandoned on the battlefield by the people she calls her tribe, Bryn must face the fact that she is now playing prisoner to the Queen of the Underworld, who also happens to be her fraternal twin sister. As the days and months go by with no word from the Supreme Elder of her tribe, Bryn thinks her life couldn't get much worse. While Bryn bemoans her imprisonment, her sister, Jolie, is doing everything in her power to ensure that blood ties are thicker than they appear. Jolie wants nothing more than to befriend Bryn and teach her not to hate the Underworld, but to embrace it. But Bryn fights the very idea of becoming one with her enemies, although she can't help her attraction to a certain six-hundred-year-old English vampire, Sinjin Sinclair. Once Bryn is placed in Sinjin's care, she'll find herself battling the undeniable magnetism of the vampire, the one creature she abhors above all others. Sinjin's quick wit, his indisputable sex appeal, and the mystery that surrounds him all point to the fact that if Bryn falls for him, she'll be in over her head. But, as a warrior through and through, Bryn isn't the type to fall for anything, especially a handsome face. If anyone should be able to withstand the lure of the vampire, Bryn appears to be the likeliest candidate. Of course, looks can be deceiving...


This book is a good one and it’s the first book in this series. But also being a part of another series from the ending of the last book it starts with this book. I mean it starts off right where the other one stopped.

This book was really good and even more so then the other ones. Though I actually still like Jolie’s husband then Sinjin but the guy pictured on this book cover is pretty hot. I am pretty happy with this book. I couldn’t put it down at all and when I put it down finally it was at the ending of the book.

I thought that this book went by pretty fast much like the other books.

I got to admit though that I was pretty much hating myself when I was done with it. I didn’t want it to end and when it did I was pretty much sad since I so wanted to read the next one but there wasn’t any books at all.

I love this world that H.P. Mallory created since this is a pretty good world that I so want to be a part of. I will highly recommend this book to anyone.

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Hi Everyone and thanks for finding me online!

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