Shadowhunters TV Show Part 4

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Format: T.V. Series

Shadowhunters Part 4Shadowhunters TV Show

Fourth Episode: Raising Hell

First Aired: February 2, 2016

Plot Summary

After getting a clue about who may have wiped Clary’s memories, the crew hunts down the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. With all of the warlocks in hiding from Valentine, the team must lure Magnus out with something he can’t refuse – a killer party and something very valuable. But with emotions running high, more may come out of their meeting with Magnus than just the retrieval of Clary’s memories. Meanwhile, Simon doesn’t seem to be himself after his recent Downworlder encounter.

My take on this series: Another episode of Shadowhunters has come and gone once again and I loved it.

This episode starts off with Clary having a dream of her mom taking her to Magnus to take away her memories. Simon was there to comfort her however, she thought that it was Jace. Clary was able to tell Jace, Isabelle, and Alec about who she thought took away her memories. This whole episode much like the first two was pretty well paced. Alec is still jealous of Clary that is until he met Magnus and something might be going on there. This episode was such a good one and I can’t wait to see more.

I am looking forward to seeing more about Luke and other people. I am especially excited to see what will happen with Simon as he doesn’t know why he feels different since his kidnapping by the vampires. We also find out that someone might have a crush on Simon and tells him about it when they met up.

Clary will do anything to find her mom and the Mortal Cup but she has no clue where to look for it. After this episode she might have a chance on finding it…if everything goes the way that the Shadowhunters hope it well. Oh we also see Isabelle’s necklace and it’s fabulous I was wondering with when they were going to bring it up.

You can see Shadowhunters on Freeform on Tuesdays.

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