Shadowhunters Season 2 Review

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Shadowhunters Season 2 ReviewThe Shadowhunters T.V. Series Season 2 Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: T.V. Series


My take on Season 2 of The Shadowhunters:

I’m trying something different with doing my review for this series. Instead of doing separate posts for the different episode’s I’m going to do a whole review of the whole season.  There were somethings that I liked about the season and somethings that I didn’t like about the season as well. One thing that I was on the fence about and a side notes about the season as well. I can’t wait for the show to come back on April 3rd of next year.

Scenes I liked:

  • The first scene that I liked was Clary and Jace sparring so that she could use her rune to show Inquisitor Herondale that she was able to accomplish that. Even though that didn’t end up happening but it was still cool to see.
  • In the season finale, it was pretty cool to see with how Clary figured out who Jonathon was impersonating.
  • Another scene that I liked was when Mia invited herself to go to Simon’s house with him for a Jewish holiday since he was scared to go and not really knowing how to deal with being a vampire around his family.
  • Raphael and Isabel’s budding relationship that was shown throughout the entire season even if it was kind of brought on by her addiction to vampire venom that started it. I thought it is pretty cool to see how the two of them are also still liking each other despite that little problem. Especially after the council meeting with the leaders of the warlock, faeries, vampires, werewolves, and shadowhunters ended and the two of them had their little talk and it makes me glad that she is liking Raphael.
  • The last scene I liked was the fact that Max is still alive despite what Jonathon did to him. It was cute since I was always dreading that moment of when Max was going to die and I like the fact that he didn’t since he is a very bright young boy with so much potential.


Scenes that I disliked:

  • The first scene that I disliked was when Victor Aldertree, the head of the New York Institute (at the time) gave Isabel the vampire venom and she got addicted to it. I know that this is counteracting with what I said in my likes about liking the budding relationship between Isabel and Raphael.
  • Luke getting a new partner on the force and she is being very nosy about Luke’s life away from the force makes me not really like her since it shouldn’t matter what he does away from the force to her.
  • Another scene that I disliked was the fact that Jocelyn died since that was very sad and made me feel very bad for Luke. Jocelyn and Luke looked really cute together and I miss that.
  • All of the scenes with the faerie queen since I don’t really like the faerie queen especially after she made a game out of Clary’s love life before allowing Clary, Jace, and Simon could leave her realm.
  • The last scene that I disliked was when Valentine killed Jace after he and Clary got to the lake. It was a very sad moment and I couldn’t help but think that he was lying when he told Clary that he didn’t want to kill Jace but knowing that if he didn’t that the two of them would stop him from contacting with the angel.

On the fence:

Both my mom and I are on the fence about Inquisitor Herondale. Mostly because before she knew who Jace actually was she didn’t treat him fairly and made him basically do grunt work. After she found out that he wasn’t Valentine’s son but her grandson it all changed for her and she was being nice to him. She made Jace the head of the New York Institute, because she all of a sudden thought he could make the right choices in her place. She trusts a Herondale more than a Lightwood. Also she knows who Jace is, everything that he is doing, and the others that she didn’t like before. She is praising their work and is happy with everything that they are doing. Seems to me that she is a bit two-faced and hypocrital from the she first time she showed up to the last episode of the season.

Shadowhunter Stars are the best:

Both my mom and I also liked the little commercial about the Shadowhunters explaining Stitching. It was really cute and awesome. Especially since it was mostly Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende explaining it with Emeraude Toubia just looking at them like they had lost it, while they are explaining about stictching and not even butting in. Another thing that my mom would like to be pointed out that she didn’t like was the way that Jace’s hair was slowly darkening from being blond to dirty blond and she would like it if it stayed blond.

Remember that these are just my opinions and no matter what I love the Shadowhunters series, book T.V. and movie.

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