Shadowhunters Part 9

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Format: T.V. Series

Shadowhunters Part 9Shadowhunters TV Show

Ninth Episode: Rise Up

First Aired: March 8, 2016

Plot Summary

Clary, Jace and Isabelle are forced to take drastic action after they suspect Lydia’s harsh plan for the Seelies could prove to be disastrous; Alec is emotionally torn by events at the Institute.

My take on this episode: We start this episode off with what happened in the last episode of Shadowhunters. Before we see Simon running away and Raphael showing up to talk to Simon. A little bit after that Clary and Jace show up after Simon ran away again. Jace calls Alec and he learns about what Valentine did by sending a Forsaken to the Institute.

At this Institute Isabelle sees her Seelie friend before Lydia gets him arrested. Isabelle talks to Alec before Jace shows up. Then Lydia does and they tell them that they are engaged which upsets both Jace and Isabelle. We then go off to Simon’s house to see Simon talk to his mom.

Clary is off with Luke looking for Simon so that they could help him some with his new life as a vampire. They find Simon at Simon’s house and Clary convinces Simon to go with her despite Simon’s mom not wanting that to happen. Clary tells Simon that it was her choice to bury Simon and he isn’t very happy.

Back at the Institute Lydia finds out that Clary has the cup and they are looking for it. Jace told Clary about them. Now Simon, Clary, and Luke are going to Raphael to see if they could stay there so that they can’t be tracked. Simon is very important for Raphael.

Alec isn’t really very happy right now and is working with his fiancée. Jace tried to get Alec to see that the way he is handling things may be what the Clave wants, but it isn’t the best way to handle it.

So much stuff has happened in this episode and that it was such a good one just like the others.

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