Shadowhunters TV Show Part 3

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Format: T.V. Series

Shadowhunters Part 3Shadowhunters TV Show

Third Episode: Dead Man’s Party

First Aired: January 26, 2016

Summary: The Shadowhunters attempt to rescue Simon, who has been taken by vampires. Alec and Jace have a dispute over Clary. The Shadowhunters are able to track Simon’s whereabouts and rescue him from Camille Belcourt and her outfit, but Simon appears to be turning into a vampire.

My take on this series so far: In this episode we are introduced to at least two new species in the Shadowhunter world. We are introduced to the Vampires. Well okay so we technically met them at the very end of the last episode but we end up seeing more of them in this one. The second new species we met are the Seelie aka the Fairies. Well only one of them that is. Clary is all about saving Simon so she would do anything to get to him.

Also in this episode we see a whole lot more of Clary’s stubbornness, which is always so great to see from Katherine McNamara. Isabelle is still the same as always but she is a whole lot more. Jace is still full of himself. Alec is still trying to deny his feelings for Jace and it’s not working out very well as those two are having more arguments over Clary in this episode. Along with how they should go to the Clave to tell them about everything they know so that the Clave can tell them what to do. Simon though. Poor poor Simon he is not having a good time. Well sure he is technically still human but he is not going to be for too long which sucks. Simon is also still waiting for Clary to see that they belong together especially since neither of the two of them know that Simon is turning into a vampire.

We met the head vampire Camille Belcourt in this episode and I have got to say that I am loving the way that she looks and I am happy with the actress that they chose to play her. The second person we met is the Seelie. And I have got to say that I am impressed with who they chose for him as well. They chose two wonderful additions for this series and I can’t wait to see the rest of the cast members that they bring in for the different roles. I don’t want to spoil too much more from this episode but gosh it was so good and amazing.

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