Shadowhunters Part 11

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Format: T.V. Series

Shadowhunters Part 11Shadowhunters TV Show

Season 1 Episode 11: “Blood Calls to Blood”

First Aired: March 22, 2016

Plot Summary

Information from a surprising ally leads Clary, Jace, and Luke to devise a plan to stop Valentine and rescue Jocelyn; Alec seeks help from Magnus as Inquisitor Herondale arrives for Isabelle’s trial.

My take on this episode:         We start off with this episode with a little bit of previous episodes before we go back to with where we left off with Jace and Clary seeing Michael Wayland in a cage awaiting for someone let it be either them or Valentine to come back to get him. Michael saw that his son was hurt and helped Clary bring Jace back to the werewolf hang out, Jade Wolf, so that Luke could help him. Of course there isn’t much that Luke could do for Jace but Simon suggested for Clary and him to bring him blood so that the fresh blood could get rid of the demonic blood that is in him.

Raphael wasn’t happy with that but Simon got him to do it while getting a premonition that doesn’t allow him to leave the Hotel for the rest of the episode. Back at the Institute though Isabelle and Alec try to think of a way to stop the trail from happening but of course that doesn’t work especially after Alec convinces Lydia that it should happen. Inquisitor Herondale came in just as Alec convinced Lydia and let’s just say that the Inquisitor isn’t happy with Lydia’s choice of person to marry. Isabelle convinces Alec to get Magnus to be her lawyer and he went to convince Magnus. Magnus is only doing it for a price that Alec isn’t happy about.

Meanwhile back in Jade Wolf Jace is all better and resting while Clary and Michael have a talk about the past and how Michael thinks that he knows Clary. Jace is out there with them when Michael tells Jace, Clary, and Luke about Valentine moving to a place that is abandoned and near the Institute. Clary tells Jace to wait there while she and Luke goes to see how bad it is. It is pretty bad as it’s being protected by demons. Of course while they are doing that Michael is training with Jace who is still hurt from the parabati bond being weakened thanks to Alec. Michael isn’t happy with Jace being in love with Clary but gives him the blessing.

Back at the Institute Magnus does a pretty good job as Isabelle’s lawyer and gets Lydia to back down but not before the Inquisitor delivers her ultimatum of Clary brings them the Cup for Isabelle to stay in the Shadow world.

Clary, Jace, and Luke find out that Jace and Clary are siblings as Michael turns into Valentine. Let’s just say that the two of them aren’t happy with that news. They get back to the Institute where the Clave gets the Cup and Jocelyn is safe from Valentine. Luke tells Simon that just because they are downworlders doesn’t mean that they are any different from what they used to be and that Simon still has a chance to win Clary’s heart because of the two of them, Clary and Jace, being siblings.

As I watched this episode I still thought we had some unanswered questions like how in the world did Valentine know that they were coming through the portal from the other dimension to his hideout? And how did Jocelyn or Dot get the portal shard to their world from the alternate dimension?

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