Shadowhunters Part 10

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Format: T.V. Series

Shadowhunters Part 10Shadowhunters TV Show

Season 1 Episode 10: “This World Inverted”

First Aired: March 15, 2016

Plot Summary

The search for Valentine leads Clary to an alternate reality where the threat of demons no longer exists; Isabelle and Alec face the repercussions of the Downworlder attack.

My take on this episode:     First, I am so happy that Shadowhunters have been renewed for Season 2.

Okay I am going to try something different with this review. I love this episode so much as Clary goes to in alternate dimension where everything is different and it was an awesome reality. We start this episode off with a little quick past episodes just not a whole lot. Also I am so sorry if this has spoilers in it!!!!

Old Characters: This will be where I talk about the characters that we have seen throughout the episodes so far and talk about how different the characters are in this new dimensions and stuff.

Clary Fairchild/Morgenstern: Clary is wearing the same clothes from the last episode while she is waiting for Meliorn to tell her that she may go through the portal which Clary ends up doing. Once through the portal she ends up in that dimension’s Clary’s body that is wearing a cute black and white striped tank top with jeans and the portal shard necklace carried over because dun dun it belongs in that dimension. Clary throughout the episode has to deal with trying to stay focused on finding the portal that she is looking for because if she doesn’t she will end up staying in that dimension and believing that it’s actual reality. At the party that her father is hosting Clary in Dimension-Clary’s body is wearing a blue dress that is really pretty. Katherine McNamara did a good job in this episode and I really love her portrayal of Clary which is especially fabulous in this episode.

Simon Lewis: Simon is wearing a new shirt and a leather jacket along with jeans and shoes. He is the go-to man for the vampires and werewolves because of his close personal relationship with Luke. Of course the other werewolves aren’t happy about that and don’t trust Simon. Simon and Luke go for a walk when the internal affairs investigator finds them. He was able to help Luke by getting the internal affairs investigator off Luke back. The Simon, in the alternate dimension that Clary ends up going to, is wearing clothes that Simon usually wore before he turned into a vampire and was still Clary’s best friend in this dimension as well. Dimension-Simon is okay with Jace and Clary especially since I’m thinking in this episode Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle were all best friends with each other. Or at least that is what it seems like as they were all hanging out at a coffee truck. Alberto did a good job playing the two different Simons. Alberto Rosende is an awesome Simon Lewis and I am so glad he was chosen for the part.

Jace Wayland: Jace just like Clary is wearing the same thing that he was wearing in the last episode. For much of the episode he was outside of the portal protecting it until Clary needs him. Dimension-Jace was wearing jeans and a shirt that the other Jace would never wear. Dimension-Jace also owns a coffee truck that the Dimension-Simon, Dimension-Isabelle, and Dimension-Alec liked to hang out at. Dimension-Jace really loves Clary and was hurt when he saw Clary sneaking off with Dimension-Magnus toward the basement of the Institute at the party that Valentine, Alec, and Isabelle were throwing. Of course Dimension-Jace gets attacked by a demon that the other Jace was fighting with as they ends up in their alternate world. Dimension-Jace turns into regular Jace who ends up fighting the demon but gets hurt in the process. Then they go through the portal and he ends up seeing his father which scares him a little bit. Dominic’s portrayal of both sides of Jace in this episode was phenominal. Dominic Sherwood is an awesome Jace and I totally see him as Jace more so than ever.

Valentine Morgenstern: We only really see one Valentine in this episode. Dimension-Valentine is a great husband to Jocelyn and a great father to Clary. This Valentine is probably one that Jocelyn would have probably loved a great lot and Valentine owns the Institute sort of. He created a software though that creates 4D things that was going throughout the party. Val seems to be very happy with what he was doing and so did Jocelyn. Val was wearing a long sleeved shirt and dress jeans when we first see him when Clary got into Dimension-Clary’s body. Then at the party that he was hosting he was wearing a dress shirt, jeans, and jacket. He also, at times, during the party he was wearing a ‘Mad Hatter’ hat. Alan was awesome as the good Valentine in this episode. I enjoyed seeing the good Valentine for a little bit. Alan Van Sprang is an awesome Valentine, wheter playing the good or bad Valentine.

Jocelyn Fairchild/Morgenstern: Just like with Valentine we only see one of her and that is Dimension-Jocelyn. Dimension-Jocelyn loves Valentine with all of her heart. Since Valentine owns his software company, she is able to just paint. Much like book version of Jocelyn, she is able to just be a good mom. When we first see Jocelyn she is wearing a half-sleeved shirt, that looks similar to Valentine’s, and jeans. Then at the party she is wearing a blue dress. Maxim Roy was an awesome Jocelyn in this episode. I enjoyed seeing the happy side.

Luke Garroway: We only see Luke a few times in this episode. When he was with the other werewolves and talking to them before Simon came in. The two walked out of the restaurant and was talking/walking around with Simon when the internal affairs investigator came to stop them. Luke was able to talk Simon into being the guy that the cops are hunting for. Luke was able to make it realistic to the other cop so that he can get his job back. The Dimension-Luke was only seen for a minute probably because he was talking on a commercial for Magnus Bane. Dimension-Luke is basically book Luke, for anyone that has read the books, by owning a book store and wearing glasses instead of being a cop. Luke is an another awesome character and Isaiah Mustafa is an awesome Luke even if Isaiah isn’t what I pictured in my head for Luke.

Alec Lightwood: Alec is still basically being a dick throughout the episode because that is kind of how Alec usually is. Alec still hates Jace though. Especially for what he ended up doing to Isabelle. Alec is still wearing all black like he usually does throughout the episodes. Dimension-Alec though has embraced his true side and isn’t engaged to anyone. He is wearing a light blue polo shirt and jeans. Dimension-Alec is quite happy about his party that he has spent a lot of time decorating the Institute for. Dimension-Alec is also quite happy when he sees Dimension-Magnus and ends up saying the same thing that Magnus did when they first saw each other about liking a challenge. Dimension-Alec wears at the party a dark blue shirt. Alec is a great character especially when Alec isn’t being a douche and Matthew Daddario is an awesome Alec, whether moody or not.

Isabelle Lightwood: I felt bad for Isabelle as she is wearing the same clothes as she did in the last episode. She ends up getting arrested and we don’t see her much besides when Alec came into her room to talk to her. Dimension-Isabelle though was wearing a blue star wars tee shirt, jeans, her hair was in a braid and she was wearing glasses. Dimension-Isabelle is totally different from the very sexy normal Isabelle that we are used to. Dimension-Isabelle also confessed to Alec, Clary, and Simon that she likes someone but everyone thought that it was Valentine but I was thinking it was Simon as the two of them were giving off good Sissy feels in the episode. After watching this episode and reading most of the books I love Sissy almost as much as I love Clace. At the party Dimension-Isabelle is wearing a cute blue dress with her hair up and glasses on still. She was also wearing makeup especially when it was covering her black eye that she got from kickboxing.

Magnus Bane: Much like with Valentine Morgenstern and Jocelyn Fairchild/Morgenstern we only see one of him that would be Dimension-Magnus. Now the first time we see him is on a commercial for his business that he used Dimension-Luke and Dimension-Hodge for. Dimension-Magnus is still a warlock but he put his powers in a dormant state because why would he need to use them in his dimension. Dimension-Magnus is more reserved of his feelings for his gender than Dimension-Alec is. When the two first met Dimension-Magnus was a lot like Alec was when he first meets Magnus and of course left so that he could get Clary to get to the portal. Of course Dimension-Magnus does find it and gets the Clary and Jace over while stating that he will close that portal and get rid of the demon body so that in that dimension no one could use the portal ever again and they won’t have to activate the Shadowhunters at all. Dimension-Magnus lacks the flare of the Magnus that Clary knows since Dimension-Magnus doesn’t really need the flare in that dimension at all. Magnus overall is a wonderful character and Harry Shum Jr does an excellent job portraying him.

Hodge Starkweather: We see two different Hodge’s in this episode. The first Hodge we see is Dimension-Hodge and it’s like as long as we did Dimension-Luke. We don’t know much about Dimension-Hodge besides that he runs a kung fu studio or maybe it was karate I’m not exactly sure anymore. Then we see him in the episode for a little bit longer then in the other dimension. We just see him wearing his workout clothes since Hodge doesn’t/can’t leave the Institute he doesn’t really do much of anything. Hodge is an interesting character to say the least and Jon Cor does an excellent job portraying him.

Meliorn: We only see one Meliorn and he is basically wearing the same thing that he did in the last episode. Nothing much has really changed that much for him and I’m not sure if I like him that much or not right now which is pretty bad of me to say but oh well. Meliorn though is one of those characters where you love him but at the same time you don’t trust him being a faerie and all. Meliorn is an interesting character much like Hodge and Jade Hassoune plays him perfectly.

Lydia Branwell: Lydia is another one of those characters where you feel like you should love her but at the same time you kind of hate her. The reason for that is because most Shadowhunters fans think that Lydia is keeping away the Malec feelings that most of us want. I think that Lydia brings an interesting twist to the couple as sure most of us know what ends up happening in the Malec relationship but Lydia brings the tough decision for Alec. We first see Lydia wearing the clothes that she was wearing in last Tuesday’s episode and then she switches into workout clothes and that’s all we really see of her. Lydia is a very good character and I just feel bad for her as she just wants to do what is right while staying true to the Clave which isn’t always a good thing. Especially since I think she feels bad for having to arrest Isabelle but Isabelle didn’t really leave her with a choice. Stephanie Bennett is the person portraying Lydia and I have to say that she is doing an excellent job.

New Characters: This will be where I talk about the characters that we first see and with how we see them. And if I like them or not.

Michael Wayland: So the last person we see in this episode is Michael Wayland the long-lost dead father of Jace Wayland. What I am thinking though is that maybe it isn’t Michael Wayland but really Valentine using a rune to change his appearance into Michael. I mean it makes sense seeing as how the portal took them to the building that was Valentine’s hideout and all they find is Michael. This is all a theory of mine though as we don’t know if it is really true or not until we see the later episodes. I think that Michael will be interesting touch to the story and we can see how he interacts with Jace and possibly Clary and the other Shadowhunters later. Michael Wayland is played by Adam Harrington and I think that Adam is doing a good job so far. I will leave this open for later.

Church: Church is this awesome cat from the book series that I have always wondered with when we will see him. In the book series Church is a cat from the Institute where we see him in the different Dimension as Dimension-Magnus’s cat. One that Dimension-Magnus doesn’t really seem to like all that much. I am not sure if we will see Church all that much anymore on the show but I would love it if we could. I do love the pillow that says Church on it though as it is totally a Magnus thing to do. We see Church just one more time as he tries to get Clary from succumbing to the effects of Dimension-Clary’s mind.

Chairman Meow: Chairman Meow is another awesome cat from the book series. Chairman Meow is another cat that is supposed to be in the Institute but on the show we see him as the first cat that Dimension-Magnus shows Clary. Chairman Meow is the more sociable one of the two and totally a cat that I wanted to see in the series. Sadly though much like Church I’m unsure if we will see Chairman Meow anymore in the show. There is also another pillow on Dimension-Magnus’s couch that has Chairman Meow’s name on it and I got to say that I love those pillows. We see Chairman Meow just one more time with Church as he tries to get Clary’s mind to focus on her task at hand again.

The ending of this episode was awesome but poor Jace who has just seen his father for the first time in eight years and that’s where we ended it. I feel sorry for the poor guy. This episode was an awesome one and each of the characters where superb especially when it came to the alternate reality. We see a whole lot of Sissy, Clace, and a little bit of Malec. Though Sissy wasn’t in there a whole lot. The only one that was would be Clace of course. I don’t really have a favorite scene as I loved all of the scenes. The different dimension thing was pretty cool and I loved how they made each of the normal characters a bit different than what they are from the world that Clary comes from. I do dislike Alaric, played by Joel Labelle. As Alaric is making poor Luke choose between the pack and Clary while telling him that he should put his pack first and not trust Clary. Joel Labelle is doing a good job playing a character who is a jerk.

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