Shadowhunters 2.6

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Format: T.V. Series


Season 2 Episode 6

Iron Sisters (February 6, 2017)

Plot Summary

To get answers about Valentine’s plan, Isabelle and Clary are sent to visit the Iron Sisters; Simon and Maia are determined to find the still missing Luke; Magnus and Alec go on their first date.

My take on this episode:                      The recap during this one was of the last two episodes of Shadowhunters. Victor Aldertree really doesn’t trust either Clary or Jace because of them being Valentine’s children even if he really shouldn’t worry but he trusts Isabelle to keep an eye on Clary while he makes sure to keep Jace from doing much.

Isabelle is super excited about being able to go see the Iron Sisters especially with Clary since they need help with finding out about Valentine’s plans. Isabelle though can’t do much because of what Aldertree is giving her for medicine, that has something in it that makes it so she can’t enter, because of a test that no one knew about them needing to take. Clary passes the test and she finds out from Luke’s sister what Valentine’s plan is. She asks Luke’s sister about what she can do and if it was her mom. Luke’s sister told her that it couldn’t be Jocelyn since the afterlife for shadowhunters is weird.

Simon and Maia go looking for Luke at a campsite that Simon remembered Luke taking him, Clary, and Jocelyn when they were younger. The two of them are able to get to Luke and get him to not kill a couple since he misses Jocelyn really badly. Simon and Maia are able to get him to turn and return to New York with them. Maia can see that Simon really like Clary and doesn’t know what to think about that since she also likes Simon.

Magnus and Alec’s first date didn’t really go as planned for either of them as they started to talk about how many exes they had which freaked out Alec. They were going to break up but Alec decided not to since he wanted to see how this would go especially since Magnus is his first relationship ever. They were kissing when Jace came over and moved in with Magnus since he needed somewhere to stay.

Aldertree was basically making Jace’s life hell and he didn’t want that or anyone to see him saying no to trusting the Clave and serving them. Aldertree doesn’t trust Jace and this was his revenge for Jace disobeying an order that he gave him in the City of Bones.

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Shadowhunters 2.6

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