Shadowhunters 2.5

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Format: T.V. Series


Season 2 Episode 5

Dust and Shadows (January 30, 2017)

Plot Summary

Each of the Shadowhunters deals with the recent attack on the Institute in their own way; Simon moves home, but finds it isn’t easy to pull off his new life with his family around.

My take on this episode:                      All of the Shadowhunters are taking the deaths of the fallen Shadowhunters terribly. Well just Alec and Clary mostly. We found out that it is possibly to bring back the dead but it isn’t always a good thing to do because of the complications by bringing something back from the dead could cause for that person or animal.

Except Clary doesn’t listen and is now in deep trouble with the one warlock she was visiting and made a deal with to bring her mother back from the dead. Jace warned her and is not very happy that she went to see a warlock to bring a person back from the dead. They also find out something new about Clary but they don’t want to tell anyone just yet because they don’t know how she has this ability or if it’s even a good thing to have. Having Valentine as their father has made them both worry about what this means.

Izzy is still dealing with a wound from a demon attack and doesn’t know what to do since she wants to go on missions without having to worry about not being able to use that one side. Aldertree gave her medicine to help especially since she wants to go see the Iron Sisters on an assignment to see with how they can stop Valentine. Except now she might be a druggie because of how addictive the medicine is which Aldertree did warn her about.

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Shadowhunters 2.5

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