Shadowhunters 1.13

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Format: T.V. Series

Shadowhunters Part 13Shadowhunters 1.13

Episode: Morning Star

Plot Summary

Jace makes the search for Valentine his main priority as he continues to reel from recent events; Clary and Simon’s efforts to unlock Jocelyn’s coma may impact the Downworlder peace treaty and Simon’s relationship with Raphael.

My take on this episode:          We start off this episode with a little bit of what happened in the last few episodes. Then we start the episode with them in their clothes from Lydia and Alec’s wedding, that never happened.

This episode was really good and is now one of my best/hated episode. Best because it was soo good and hated because it’s the last one until next year for season two. This whole episode is us seeing Jace battling against himself about being the son that Valentine raised and the one that was part of the Lightwoods family, who loves Clary.

While Clary and Simon go off with Isabelle and Alec’s help with finding the Book of White to wake up Jocelyn. Everything happened pretty fast in this episode but it was really good and I can’t wait for next season. Some nagging questions are answered but these are replaced with new questions. Hopefully, the answers to the new questions will be answered next season.

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Shadowhunters Part 13