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I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I Was A Bitch by Emily RubenI Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben
Published by Inkitt on October 7th 2016
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 508
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

What if you woke up having forgotten the last two years of your life?
After a horrific accident Lacey Jones has to try piece together her shattered past. With no memory of the previous two years she finds herself in a relationship with a man she doesn’t know, and with a reputation for being the Queen Bitch of High-School.
She decides to keep the secret of her memory loss until she can figure out what happened in these two years she lost, trusting only the mysterious and sexy Finn to help her, but will she continue being that bitch or will she decide to rewrite her story?

My take on this story:             I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben is an awesome story that I so happy I got to read. This wonderful book that had me hooked from the very beginning. I am in such book coma right now as this book is just that outstanding.

What I liked about this book. The first thing that I have to say that I like about this book is that it was written in the only first-person point of view. I was skeptical and wasn’t sure that it would be a good book but it does the story justice since it has us go inside the mind of the main character Lacey and see how hard all of this is for her.

The main character is Lacey Jones a girl that has been in a coma for the last two months and the story starts with her first waking up. After that, it’s all about her trying to get her memories back so that she can understand who she is now. Lacey is the type of girl that is awkward, weird, and a wallflower. She doesn’t mind being any of those things since she is okay with singing at the top of her lungs in pajamas and having her own dance party in her house without knowing that anyone is watching her. She likes to be goofy and eat all the junk food that she wants and is just confused by who this new her is. I also like that she is trying to be true to her relationship with her boyfriend even though she really likes another person.

What I also like about this book is the way that she is getting her memories back. The way that is a flashback here and there about whatever it is and by whatever triggered it. They all don’t come back all at once like some television shows or movies try and portray that happening for memory loss characters.

Another character that I really liked was Finn Evans. He is a big influence on Lacey especially with trying to figure out who she is without really wanting help from anyone. Finn helped her by being there for her and being a great friend, which is what she needed while she was learning how to do some things over. She also trusted Finn more than her other friends. Lacey doesn’t remember her new friends. She is able to be her normal self around Finn. She doesn’t have to pretend to be a bitch. Finn is a good friend for Lacey especially at the beginning and as you go through the book you can see that he likes her more than just a friend and it’s just really adorable.

I love the way that Lacey is comfortable around Finn and that she is pretty funny around him. These two are adorable together even though she was going through a hard time trying to figure out what they were and what that entails for her and her boyfriend Derek.

Another thing that I liked about this book is how Ms. Ruben is easily able to make the reader feel like they are a part of this journey with Lacey. I really liked her obsession with Disney, Youtubers, and the music. It’s really easy to imagine doing those things while remembering what it was like in high school, or for some of the readers that are in high school to think back to just that morning/afternoon. This book is just a really well-written book.

Another thing that I liked about the book was Lacey’s brother and how he picked on her sometimes. Their relationship was cute and he played the big brother part well.

What I disliked about this book. I know this is nitpicky of me to say but sometimes the editing wasn’t really well done. I do know that it wasn’t so bad that it took me out of the book. I have read some books with editing that is so terrible it will take me out of the book but this time it didn’t.

The main character also has some qualities about her that I didn’t like but that also made her a well-rounded person. The things that I didn’t like about Lacey Jones is that she thought it was a good idea to be a bitch to everyone. Whether she cared about them or not, which isn’t good and something that no one should do. She changed who she was in the presence of people that she wanted to impress when she was sixteen. I also didn’t like that she had to hide who she really is and not think that she was good enough on her own to get a scholarship to her dream college.

The next character that I didn’t like happened to be her boyfriend Derek Menson. He is pretty much who you would think a rich jock would be. He didn’t have to worry about anything bad happening to him at all. He also wasn’t really all that nice to Lacey. He was basically an ass to her if she didn’t do everything that he wanted to do especially when he was drunk. He was also very clingy.  He was also obsessed with knowing if she was mad at him and if she remembered what happened at the party on the night of her accident. Which she didn’t for most of the book and he was glad that he didn’t have to explain himself to her.

Another thing that I disliked was a bit of the cussing but I know that it’s just normal for teenagers to do. It wasn’t that bad.

What I was iffy about this book. The things that I was iffy about in this book was the way that her parents didn’t talk to her about what happened to their relationship. Since I know that if my parents split when I was around her age in the book I would have had lots of questions. However, not all teenagers really care about their parents.

I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben is a book that I would gladly read over and over since it’s that good. I am also giving it five stars. I couldn’t put it down. I can honestly say that I would recommend this book to everyone, it’s a book that everyone will enjoy.

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About Emily Ruben

My name’s Emily (aka Emiisotherside on the Internet), I’m a twenty year-old French writer and I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pen. I wrote my first story with my childhood best friend but I continued on my own, filling notebook after notebook before I could own a computer. At which point I started cover hundreds of Word pages with my ideas. I love to write the stories people wouldn’t automatically expect, with twisted plots or unhappily ever afters.

I switched from writing in French to English when I was sixteen and my computer was stolen, taking with it all my stories and ideas. After that, it seemed inspiration came to me more in English so I never went back to writing in French.

As of right now, I’m a student at the Panthéon Sorbonne University, a music lover and an avid eater of sweets.