Review Policy

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Hi everyone.

This is my review policy for this blog. What’s a review policy you ask? It’s a policy for publishers and author’s to ask me to read the book and review it. This is my first time writing a blog like this…like ever. So I’m not getting paid to do a review from the publisher or author or any publishing company that wants me to do a review for them. So I’m not a professional review person. I do this whole thing for fun which is always a good reason to do anything like this! So, the opinions in the reviews are mine, whether good or bad.

The genres I read and do reviews on are young adult, adult, fantasy, mystery/crime, mystery/cozy mystery, chic lit, romance, some sci fi, and most books on supernatural or paranormal. As for formatting I accept kindle, pdf for my laptop, actual book, or a print-out. At this time I will put the book requested next  to read on my list and should have the review done within a week or sooner. I will email you a copy of the review if you would like.

Please fill out the form below or send me an email at with the information. I look forward to reading your book!

Have the most marvelous day! ~Karen