Irresistible Magic by Deanna Chase

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Irresistible Magic by Deanna ChaseIrresistible Magic by Deanna Chase
Also in this series: Influential Magic, Intoxicating Magic
Series: Crescent City Fae #2
Published by Bayou Moon Press on November 8th 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
Format: Kindle

Finding the perfect dress can be hell... especially when a stranger tries to gun you down in broad daylight.
Void agent and magical baker extraordinaire, Willow Rhoswen has been anticipating her first date with Talisen Kavanagh since she was sixteen. After eight years of waiting, there are only two things that can stand in her way—an assassination attempt and a new game-changing drug.
Talisen's invented a new elixir that creates superhumans, ones that can rival vampire strength, and everyone wants it. Including the vampires. With Willow's life on the line, he makes a deal with the devil, while she's forced to accept the always-strings-attached protection from the most notorious vampire organization in New Orleans.
But when Talisen and his drug go missing, Willow will stop at nothing to find him, even if it means working with her vampire-ex, David. With souped-up humans, dangerous vampires, and more questions than answers, Willow has less than twenty-four hours to find him before everything changes forever.


Another good book by Deanna Chase. This is another good book and I actually liked this one better. I mean Talisen and Willow are dating, I believe, don’t quote me on that.

I always liked books with faeries in them and this one is no exception. It is quite interesting especially with everything that we learned from the last book. We also find out more about Willow’s strange abilities that she got from her deceased twin brother along with the fact that she had a nephew as well.

I actually gave this book five stars because it was a much better book than the first one and that to me always seems to happen and this was once again no exception to that. And yeah it’s a good book. I will recommended it to anyone.

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About Deanna Chase

deanna chase

Deanna is a native Californian. After spending five years traveling in an RV, she and her husband moved into an adorable cottage in a small town outside of New Orleans. After about six months, Deanna was convinced their 1907 home was haunted. Late at night as she penned Haunted on Bourbon Street, she often heard footsteps throughout the old house. Luckily, the spirit appears to be harmless, as he/she has never done more than make a little noise and possibly smoke a few cigars. However, if the ghost ever shows up in a dream, you’ll be the first to hear of it. Smudge stick anyone?

When she isn’t writing, she is often goofing off with her husband in New Orleans, playing with her two shih tzu dogs, and making glass beads.

Irresistible Magic