Insurgent Movie

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insurgent movieInsurgent Movie

The second movie to the Divergent Trilogy. I love the books and I am loving the movies that go along with them. I went to see this movie with my mom on Friday May 1. I know I know I know my loyal readers, and fans and followers and the people that I haven’t come up with a good fanbase name for yet, I meant to have done this review a LONG LONG LONG time ago but I have been busy. Granted yes I know I am not in school so how could I be so busy? Well I had been doing something that I haven’t been proud of for a really long time in my life and I am now proud to say that I am done with it and I will be focusing on this. Now back to the purpose of this blog post.

Insurgent is only a 1 hour and 59 minute movie! I mean when I found that out I was like -.- that is shorter than the first movie! How could they do that!! Surprisingly though it is a really good movie despite it being only 1 hour and 59 minutes. Yes I am not going to let you guys get away from that tidbit because it’s still a shocker to me and it’s been 23 days since I have seen the movie. I know probably not good to do a review for something that I haven’t seen in 23 days but oh well.

This movie has tried to stick as close to the book as it can but granted some things they had to take out along with a few characters…Okay a lot of characters. But oh well nothing I can do about it. Anyways I will give this movie a four star review mostly because one it’s short , I know I shouldn’t take that out on the movie but I am, two they didn’t put Amity OUTSIDE of the fence area like it is in the book, and three it seemed like the director for it just thought of the movie, and book I’m guessing, as a filler and that it didn’t need to be long or anything like that.

Then again these are my opinions. Everyone is granted to their own.

What did you guys think of this movie if you have seen it? And if not then what do you think based on what I said do you think of it? Or even if you have just seen the trailer what did you think of that?

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