A Healing Spirit by Melissa Hanson

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A Healing Spirit by Melissa HansonA Healing Spirit by Melissa A. Hanson
Also in this series: A Healing Heart
Series: Riverview #2
Published by mah on August 16th 2015
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 288
Format: Kindle
Source: Author

A freak ski accident brings nineteen-year old Mia Kinney within minutes of death. Hurt and scared, Mia is calmed by the southern drawl and clear green eyes of her rescuer.
Twenty-one year old Dylan Blackburn is one of the first Ski Patrol members on the scene. As his patient is airlifted to the local trauma center, he can’t shake her from his thoughts.
As Mia fights for her life, Dylan, is haunted by the blond hair beauty, and knows he needs to make sure she’s going to be okay.
With a troubled past Dylan has vowed never to completely open himself up to another girl, but Mia continues to knock down every wall he’s constructed. When his past arrives at his front door and threatens once again someone that he loves, will Dylan be able to save Mia yet again? Or will he be too late this time?
A story of love, friendship, and the determination to turn a horrible experience into something worthwhile.
"A Healing Spirit" is book 2 of the Riverview Series, however each is a standalone story.

My take on this book: All I got to say is WOW! This book is so incredibly well written, a book that I will so totally tell people to read, and it makes me want to hug Mrs. Hanson for giving us another well thought out book. Not only that but this book was also inspired by Keely Proctor who sounds like an amazing kid from the articles I have read online. This book definitely deserves five stars. A Healing Spirit by Melissa Hanson grips on about three things that I think is pretty important for us to know about. Much like it’s first counterpart A Healing Heart.

A Healing Spirit takes us into the world of Mia, Quinn, and Dylan. The things that A Healing Spirit grips on is mostly ski accidents since this book first takes place during November and then ends in March or April. Ski accidents take place a whole lot more than what people think especially in chairlifts. Mia, much like Keely, is all about trying to get it with where people can see more about these risks that they are taking on chairlifts than with what they think.

The second thing that this book grips on is domestic violence. This is more publically known than the ski accidents, well unless you live somewhere near a ski resort, and more something that television shows would rather introduce than a ski accident if it takes place near a mountain. Heading off topic though back to domestic violence. The second main character, Dylan, dealt with domestic violence and probably a whole lot of other people have as well. Not a whole lot of people would like to talk about it but sometimes talking about it helps. This is also a really big thing that not a whole lot of people actually really know a whole lot about but it’s becoming a bit more well-known than a ski accident.

The third and last thing that this book grips on is romance. Yeah I know this book is a young adult romance book but it’s a pretty good one. Especially since with how Dylan and Mia met which turned into romance. There is quite a lot. Like Mia and Dylan’s relationship along with one other that doesn’t end up happening but I don’t want to tell you since I would spoil it and yeah that’s all there is about the romance part I think.

A Healing Spirit by Melissa A. Hanson is such a wonderful book that I think everyone will love to read and tell other people about it. Surely it might make you cry in some parts but what type of romance book doesn’t?

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About Melissa A. Hanson

Melissa A Hanson

Melissa A. Hanson lives in Southern California with her husband and two sons. Growing up in Southern California, inspiration for the city of “Riverview” is based on her hometown. Melissa enjoys scrapbooking and reading when time permits.

A Healing Spirit