GP Me And My Ghoulfriends

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GP Me And My GhoulfriendsMe and My Ghoulfriends by Rose Pressey
Also in this series: Ghouls Night Out, The Ghoul Next Door
Series: Larue Donavan #1
Published by Magical Press on October 6th 2008
Genres: Cozy, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 308
Format: ebook

There's always fun to be had on a ghoul's night out. By day, Larue Donavan is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she's a world-renowned psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won't leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he's in charge of her lovelife. Larue can handle ghosts and undead presidents. It's the living that drive her crazy. When Callahan Weiss moves to town, the handsome newcomer opens a coffee shop right next door. She's smitten from the start, but she's not the only one -- The boutique owner across the street has her eye on Callahan too, and uses witchcraft to fight dirty. When Callahan gets hit by a love spell, Larue will need more than a little help from her ghoul-friends to save the day..

My Thoughts:        Good story; definitely, one to recommend.

I like Larue, she has a great attitude and her occasional outbursts are comical. She handles ghosts and demons every day, but toss a little other paranormal activities her way and she starts doubting. I thought that was classic. Larue has a great sense of humor. Larue’s best friend Mindy is fantastic, she is there to back up and support Larue. Yet, Mindy drags her into funny situations too.

Larue and Callahan seem to hit it off immediately. The beginning of their love is cute and touching. Hopefully, trust will continue to grow between them.

The ghouls are a wonderful touch and add so much color to the story. I thought that Larue’s relationships with them were touching. Abe Lincoln…loved it.

I already have the next book in the series ready, really looking forward to reading it.

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About Rose Pressey

Rose Pressey

Rose Pressey is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She enjoys writing quirky and fun novels with a paranormal twist. The paranormal has always captured her interest. The thought of finding answers to the unexplained fascinates her.

When she’s not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature, she loves eating cupcakes with sprinkles, reading, spending time with family, and listening to oldies from the fifties.

Rose lives in the beautiful commonwealth of Kentucky with her husband, son and three sassy Chihuahuas.

Rose suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis and has knee replacements. She might just set the world record for joint replacements. She’s soon having her hips replaced, elbows, and at least one shoulder.

Me & My Ghouldfriends