Disclosure: The Future Is Now

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Disclosure: The Future Is NowDisclosure: The Future Is Now by Graham Clingbine
Series: The Future Is Now #1
Published by Matador on October 28th 2015
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 442
Format: Kindle
Source: Author

A story of strange experiences about what happens when events in the future return to affect the past.
Disclosure traces the life of Kevin Powell from the age of eight when he is living with his mum Sylvie. He undergoes a number of strange experiences that his young mind cannot interpret and that he assumes are a normal part of growing up.
As a teenager, Kevin supports his mum when she falls ill and requires surgery to remove a mysterious object of unknown origin and function. In adulthood, he again has a number of realistic nightmare-like visions. He sees his wife and mum in a bizarre, unfamiliar environment. Revelations of a depopulated planet Earth are shown to him from the distant future. He is placed in a dilemma which sets his love for his daughter against an uncertain future on Earth...
Disclosure will appeal to both sci-fi fans and individuals interested in UFOs and related phenomena. For many years, strange sights have been observed in the skies and Disclosure references UFO sightings back to distant civilizations such as those of Sumeria, ancient Egypt and the Mayans. It forwards through history, right up to the present time, also looking at what US presidents may or may not have known about UFOs and alien contact, conspiracy theories, abductions and contacts, observations by pilots, secret bases and ‘black ops’, back engineering, government programmes like Project Blue Book, crop circles, subatomic particles, novel technology and much more.

My take on this book: Disclosure: The Future Is Now by Dr. Graham Clingbine is a very interesting read. The author does know what he is talking about in the book for the scientific aspects of the book and for the child stuff as well. His theories were sound but just theories. I am giving this book three stars as it did seem interesting but as you got into the book you will be overwhelmed with the words that didn’t make some since and you have to stop reading to look them up. It also doesn’t help that we were also jumping around in the book. We first start off with Kevin at age eight at the beginning of the first chapter and wind up with him being sixteen toward the end of it and then in the next few chapters he aged up considerably. That is until his daughter was born and he went from being thirty-six to thirty when he got back to Earth.

Disclosure: The Future Is Now, by Dr. Graham Clingbine to me didn’t really seem all that great. The author tried to fit a whole bunch of time into one book that only consisted of twelve chapters while giving all this information. We have no proof that “aliens” or “other beings” helped build the pyramids or do anything that we were told about in the book. This book to me sounded good when I read the plot summary however while reading the book it didn’t make sense. I guess I just didn’t get most of it, not even with my notes. The author was also pretty wishy-washy on some things too but I am not going to get into that. I will recommend this to those people that really like sci-fi and UFOs. The people completely into all of that, who will enjoy the story, as they can get past some things/theories in the book.

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About Graham Clingbine

Dr. Graham Clingbine

Dr. Graham Clingbine has BSc and MSc degrees from the University of London in the areas of Biological Science and Neurobiology. His award of PhD followed a research programme on the memory mechanisms of the brain. Dr Clingbine spent a long career in education at schools and colleges before retiring from City & Islington College in North London from his post as Senior Lecturer and Course Manager of the Medical Access course.
Dr. Clingbine has co-authored a number of paperback books related to model answers to biology examination questions. He has a keen interest and extensive research knowledge in the subject area of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) and related phenomena including alien abductions and possible secret governmental conspiracy theories which cover up cases of alien contact.
Dr. Clingbine has a number of interests and hobbies but uppermost among these is fishing. He not only enjoys fishing the rivers, lakes and seas of his home country (the UK) but has ventured further afield to countries across Europe and the USA.
Two current publications are ‘Disclosure’ (November 2015) & ‘Release From Stasis’ (January 2016)…Matador

Disclosure The Future Is Now