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Memorial Day 2017

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Happy Memorial Day, Everyone

The countdown for Baroness’ Book Trove’s 3rd Blogoversary is coming up on June 11th. I am really excited! I have some really great giveaways this year.  Check out the posts for them on June 1st.

All winners will be announced on Sunday, June 11th. Hopefully, they will be mailed out on Monday, June 12th. Well, except for the one book that hasn’t been released and that will be shipped directly to you.

Keep watching for the Giveaways.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and were able to get in a little reading. My weekend has been great. I did some shopping with my mom, some reading, a little work on the blog and relaxed with my cat of course.  I am wrapping up it up with a family BBQ.

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Baroness Book Trove’s New Look

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Hi to my fellow book lovers.

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been really active on the site. I was sick for the last few weeks and I couldn’t really concentrate on what I was reading.

However, I wanted to tell you guys about my new skin for the site. As you can see the site got a huge makeover. I finally got the site to the way I wanted it. I feel like it’s really good and I am super excited. This is how I wanted my blog to look when I started it on blogspot. I think my banner also works very well with my slogan for the site of traveling through the books.  I also like how it looks like I’m surrounded by books which make it look like I’m in a trove. Overall this is what I have wanted for the site. I am very glad that it’s finally done and I can show it to all of you.

My posts are different if you haven’t really noticed. I got a new plugin specifically for book reviews on the site and I love it. I’m still getting used to it but I think it works wonderfully with my new look as well.

I want to shout out to a few people who helped get the site perfect. First, to Jen at Jen Yurko Designs, she created all the graphics used. She is such a great artist/designer. She really got what I was looking for. Then to Shelley at Web Crafters. Shelley really helped with the coding and making sure the site worked. She also gave us the most honest opinions about the overall design.  Next to Ashley at Nose Graze for creating the Tweak Me Theme and the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin. I totally am loving these.

Oh, and I have enabled the comments so please feel free to leave comments on the posts. If you see something that isn’t working please send me an email.

Also, my 3rd Blogoversary is coming up. So, keep your eyes open for the upcoming giveaways.

I hope that all of my fellow book lovers love my new design and the posts.

See you soon,

Karen the Baroness

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to my lovely friends that have stuck by me for these past two years. It’s Christmas time again and it’s snowing here in Montana. I am glad to say that I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas time with your family. I also hope that all of you have gotten what you wanted for Christmas especially books! I mean who doesn’t love books? Sadly, though, I was told that if I put any books on my Christmas list that I wouldn’t get any because I have plenty right now. That’s okay as I love the other things that I have on my list. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

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TWO YEARS!! I still can’t believe that two years has passed since I started my book review blog after moving to Montana. I started it because I have needed something to keep myself busy and I found myself reading more than I did before. So I decided that I would create this blog on blogspot […]

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Happy New Year

Oh my god my Happy New Year post is very late, by like ten days to which I am very sad about, but Happy 2016 to my wonderful loyal fans that have been through this whole journey with me. I am very happy to see how well my blog has done for the past, ALMOST […]

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