Paranormal Romance

My take on this book:              The Becoming by William Truax III is unlike what I thought it would be. I had a completely different version of the book from the synopsis to what the book actually is. The book is in two different point-of-views. The first point-of-view is of […]

The Becoming by William Truax III

My Thoughts:                    Spooky, funny, witty, supernatural mystery with a touch of love. I really enjoyed this audio book. The story is wonderful. I loved the nerdy comments, the film references, and the witty conversations. The hauntings added just the right amount of spookiness. Deacon is an unusual hero. He […]

Better Homes and Hauntings

Shadowhunters 1.13 Episode: Morning Star Plot Summary Jace makes the search for Valentine his main priority as he continues to reel from recent events; Clary and Simon’s efforts to unlock Jocelyn’s coma may impact the Downworlder peace treaty and Simon’s relationship with Raphael. My take on this episode:          We […]

Shadowhunters 1.13

My take on this book:              Gone With the Witch by Heather Blake was such an awesome book. It had me thinking of who the Elder could be, who murdered Natasha, who was stealing the animals from the contest, and a bunch of other questions. This book starts off with Darcy […]

Gone With the Witch by Heather Blake

My Thoughts:               Sweets and sweetness! Delaney and Hugh Ellingham are from the first Nocturne Falls book The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride. I loved their story. This chance to take a look into where their romance and relationship is at and is going is wonderful. We see them the other books, […]

The Vampire’s Valentine Surprise

Shadowhunters TV Show Season 1 Episode 12: Malec First Aired: March 29, 2016 Plot Summary Relationships are examined as preparations are made for the wedding of Lydia and Alec; Clary, Jace, and Magnus search for a warlock, Ragnor Fell, who may possess an antidote to awaken Jocelyn. My take on […]

Shadowhunters Part 12

Shadowhunters TV Show Season 1 Episode 11: “Blood Calls to Blood” First Aired: March 22, 2016 Plot Summary Information from a surprising ally leads Clary, Jace, and Luke to devise a plan to stop Valentine and rescue Jocelyn; Alec seeks help from Magnus as Inquisitor Herondale arrives for Isabelle’s trial. […]

Shadowhunters Part 11

My take on this book: Threads of Destiny by Lea Roches is a pretty short book and one that tries to fit a lot of information in just three chapters. Granted the three chapters are pretty long but filled with a lot of information that might seem like too much. […]

Threads of Destiny by Lea Roches

Shadowhunters TV Show Season 1 Episode 10: “This World Inverted” First Aired: March 15, 2016 Plot Summary The search for Valentine leads Clary to an alternate reality where the threat of demons no longer exists; Isabelle and Alec face the repercussions of the Downworlder attack. My take on this episode:     […]

Shadowhunters Part 10

My Thoughts:         Love heals all wounds, even century old ones! Sebastian Ellingham is the oldest of the three Ellingham Vampire Brothers. He is the recluse, stuffy, uptight and very lonely one. Some may even say he was untouchable, but then most don’t know him as he truly won’t allow anyone […]

Vampire’s Fake Fiancée