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Shadowhunters TV Show Part 3

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Shadowhunters Part 3Shadowhunters TV Show

Third Episode: Dead Man’s Party

First Aired: January 26, 2016

Summary: The Shadowhunters attempt to rescue Simon, who has been taken by vampires. Alec and Jace have a dispute over Clary. The Shadowhunters are able to track Simon’s whereabouts and rescue him from Camille Belcourt and her outfit, but Simon appears to be turning into a vampire.

My take on this series so far: In this episode we are introduced to at least two new species in the Shadowhunter world. We are introduced to the Vampires. Well okay so we technically met them at the very end of the last episode but we end up seeing more of them in this one. The second new species we met are the Seelie aka the Fairies. Well only one of them that is. Clary is all about saving Simon so she would do anything to get to him.

Also in this episode we see a whole lot more of Clary’s stubbornness, which is always so great to see from Katherine McNamara. Isabelle is still the same as always but she is a whole lot more. Jace is still full of himself. Alec is still trying to deny his feelings for Jace and it’s not working out very well as those two are having more arguments over Clary in this episode. Along with how they should go to the Clave to tell them about everything they know so that the Clave can tell them what to do. Simon though. Poor poor Simon he is not having a good time. Well sure he is technically still human but he is not going to be for too long which sucks. Simon is also still waiting for Clary to see that they belong together especially since neither of the two of them know that Simon is turning into a vampire.

We met the head vampire Camille Belcourt in this episode and I have got to say that I am loving the way that she looks and I am happy with the actress that they chose to play her. The second person we met is the Seelie. And I have got to say that I am impressed with who they chose for him as well. They chose two wonderful additions for this series and I can’t wait to see the rest of the cast members that they bring in for the different roles. I don’t want to spoil too much more from this episode but gosh it was so good and amazing.

You can see Shadowhunters on Freeform on Tuesdays.

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Shadowhunters TV Show Part 2

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Shadowhunters episode 2Shadowhunters TV Show
Second Episode: The Descent Into Hell Is Easy
First Aired: January 19, 2016

Summary: With the knowledge that Valentine is alive and on the hunt for The Mortal Cup, the Institute is on high alert. Not wasting any time Jace jumps into action and figures Clary’s memories are the key to finding Jocelyn and The Mortal Cup. Unfortunately, Clary’s memories were wiped leaving her without recollection of this other life that could help her and the team. With only one other option remaining, Jace, Isabelle and a very reluctant Alec to take Clary to the City of Bones to face the powerful Silent Brothers. Meanwhile, Luke continues his search for Clary, and Simon tries to come to terms with his best friend’s new life.

My take on this series so far: Another episode of Shadowhunters has come and gone once again but here is my review on it.

We take up with where the first episode let off with Clary being stuck between her two worlds. Her Shadowhunter world that she is just now coming to terms with and her human world that she lived in for most of her life. After that it just takes off once again and I am loving it. I like how they are keeping with the book but also putting their own spin on it. It’s so refreshing to see that especially since no one can really compare to what the books just give us. Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray is so awesome. She is most definitely bringing Clary to life and I love that she read the books while filming the series so that she bring Clary to life, in such a fabulous way. Everything about this series is awesome.

I feel bad for Clary at times throughout this episode. Granted she is eighteen but she is thrown into a world that she knows that she belongs in while not knowing if she is able to be in it so she puts on a brave face for everyone including herself. For anyone that likes the book series they will like this series. If you haven’t  watch it and give it a shot, even if you haven’t read the book series. My mom likes the TV series and she hasn’t read the books.

You can see Shadowhunters on Freeform on Tuesdays.

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Shadowhunters TV Show

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ShadowhuntersShadowhunters TV Show

Summary: Shadowhunters is an American television series broadcast on Freeform based on The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. The series was officially picked up to series on March 30, 2015, by the network. It is the second adaptation of the novel series, the first of which was the 2013 film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which was also produced by Constantin Film. The series premiered on January 12, 2016. In Decemeber 2015, the series received an order of 13 episodes. (got this from Wikipedia)

First Episode – Pilot (The Mortal Cup)

Summary: The series begins with Clary, celebrating her 18th birthday at a New York City nightclub, the Pandemonium. She learns about a group of teenagers with apparent supernatural abilities: Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. She sees them attack a demon who had gone into the club, but soon realizes that she is the only person able to see them. Her mother reveals to Clary that she is a shadow hunter and in attempt to protect Clary her from destiny, her mother is captured .

My take on this series so far: Shadowhunters TV Show is finally here! If you are like me, a fan of the book series, you might have been following the ShadowhuntersTV twitter handle and the actors/actresses so that you can stay up to date with them. I am happy to say that I loved everything about this show so far, especially all the actors/actresses that they picked for them. Let’s start with the main gang: Jace, Clary, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon. I say that they are the main gang because they are the ones that Clary, the main character, hangs around with the most.

Jace Wayland is played by Dominic Sherwood. I believe that Dominic is a great choice for Jace because the he is very hot and he is a great person for the role. Granted his eyes are two different colors but it still doesn’t matter in my mind as he is a pretty awesome Jace. He is also a little bit better than Jamie Campbell Bower from the movie but I am not dissing the movie as both the movie and TV show are completely different and are both great in their own ways. This Jace is a better, cockier and sassier version of Jace, which is always a good thing. Dominic Sherwood was recently in Vampire Academy (2014).

Clary Fray/Clarissa Fairchild Morgenstern is played by Katherine McNamara. I believe another great choice for this part as Katherine McNamara to me, is Clary Fray. She has the long red hair that has ringlets in it, not like the curls that Clary is supposed to have but I don’t care, and she has the green eyes to match as well. Granted yes Katherine had to use hair dye but Katherine is originally a red head but died it blonde for another role before being casted as Clary so she had to do that to her hair. Clary is the most prominent character in the series and Katherine McNamara did an outstanding job of bringing Clary to life. Katherine McNamara was recently in both Happyland (2014), The Fosters (2015), and The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails (2015).

Alec Lightwood is played by Matthew Daddario. Okay I believe that I am going to say this about all the cast members that I talk about but this is another great choice for Alec. Granted yes I know that Alec is supposed to have blue eyes and Matthew has brown eyes. This to me is like everyone talking about how Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter doesn’t have green eyes but blue eyes instead. To me that is just a small detail that can be overlooked. Matthew is definitely a great choice for Alec and I am happy that they went with him. I enjoyed his portrayal of the character in the pilot episode. Matthew Daddario was recently in Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015).

Isabelle Lightwood is played by Emeraude Toubia. Emeraude is definitely Isabelle in my head. Isabelle is the person that yes is a girl but she doesn’t want to stay at home to take care of the household but be there in the fight while still looking sexy as she does it. Emeraude just in the little bit of time that she is on the screen shows that greatly while also still caring for her family and Jace. Isabelle is one of those characters that no one really thinks that much of but I do. I mean Isabelle is one of those characters that is comfortable in her skin and wears whatever outfit she feels like wearing out for the night or to fight in. Like when she wears that white leather halter top and white leather mini skirt because she has the confidence to carry it off. As for the outfit and the controversy around it, we need to think about this time frame and this outfit is most definitely something that a teenager now would wear. Emeraude Toubia was recently in Tattooed Love (2015) and other things in her native language.

Simon Lewis is played by Alberto Rosende. Alberto is definitely a convincing Alec and I am thinking that he will be great for both the nerd part of Simon’s personality and when his vampire side. Simon is Clary’s best friend and he loves her as more than a friend but of course Clary doesn’t see him in that way which is pretty much awful for him. Simon is a great guy and anyone would be happy to have as a friend. Alberto Rosende was recently in Blue Bloods (2015).

Now onto the series. We first go into the Shadowhunter world with seeing Jace, Isabelle, and Alec tracking a demon and Jace walking into Clary. This whole episode is all about setting up the whole series with Jocelyn being taken but us meeting Clary, Simon, Alec, Jace, Isabelle, Jocelyn, Valentine, and Luke. Well and other people that are essential in the plot probably later on. I love that even though the episode is only an hour long it fits in a whole lot of information. I asked my mom after the episode was done if she liked it and she did despite not knowing anything about the series (ya, she hasn’t read the books) and I had to tell her about it a little bit (you know how Moms are). She still liked the episode and thought that this series will be a good one. I am very happy to say that I think the same thing. I can’t wait for the other episodes. I don’t want to spoil too much of it since you have to watch it yourself and watch the other episodes on Tuesdays only on Freeform.

I am trying something a little new with this post, I may continue to review the episodes.

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