Burning North Diamonds for Drugs

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Burning North Diamonds for DrugsBurning North: Diamonds for Drugs by Phil Cuda
on January 28th 2016
Genres: Crime, Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 494
Format: ebook
Source: Publisher

In January 2000, the Australian federal government is alerted that smugglers are stealing flora and fauna in North Queensland. Two special undercover agents are sent to investigate. The agents uncover diamond and gold thefts, as well as huge quantities of drugs being trafficked into Northern Australia, North America and Europe as well as around the world by a huge Paris based crooked Global Corporation. The pair set out to destroy the drug cartel, which in turn sends out its own brand of killers to destroy the agents. A huge bounty is placed on the heads of the agents as they battle to thwart the corporation and stop its laundry list of crimes. From Cairns to the Gold Coast, to Paris and the jungles of Malaysia, to New York and Australia and back again to Paris, the battle rages on. With the agents finally on the cusp of closing down the corporation's illegal operations in Australia, they need to survive long enough to defeat the French connection. Phil Cuda was born in 1945 in Southern Italy. His parents moved to North Queensland when he was five. He says his parents "had four children and only the clothing on their backs after the war problems in Europe and more so in Italy. Australia was and is a land of opportunity for anyone who cares to work. I am a grandfather and love it." He still works in property development. Publisher's website: http: //sbprabooks.com/PhilCuda

My Thoughts:          The Australian version of James Bond

I had a hard time getting into this book. I would say that it took me at least 30% before I was ready to commit. I like a good crime story now and again. This one turned out fairly good.

I like Adams for the most part, and his partner Landers seemed like a nice enough guy. I kind of thought that Adams is a definite guy’s guy. I also thought his libido was fairly overactive. He seemed like a good agent, as he wasn’t just the team leader but completely part of the team. I truly backed up his partners and they did the same or him. Adams and Landers were very good at figuring things out.

Once the story got moving the action was superb. I enjoyed the different locations and getting to know a little bit about Australia. The other character were also believable. I feel that Mr. Cuda could have put a little more into his female characters. I liked his sister Ros Dante. She has spunk, I felt it made her seem realistic. I didn’t realize there was black market trade for Australian animals. I feel a little naive. I think that even though this book was fiction it opened my eyes to other parts of the world. I enjoyed reading about their adventures.

My rating is 3.5 stars. I really liked the book, slow start and all. I will recommend this to my male friends as I feel they would appreciate the story more.

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About Phil Cuda

Phil Cuda

Phil Cuda was born in 1945 in Southern Italy and moved to North Queensland when he was five. His parents had four children and very little else after the war in Italy. “Australia was and is a land of opportunity for anyone who cares to work. I am a grandfather and love it.” He works in property development.

Diamonds for Drugs